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Engineering in The Carolinas represents major academic institutions, hundreds of companies and thousands of engineers.  Carolinas' engineers have developed new technology and designed major projects around the world in almost every industry.  These industries include electronics, automotive, chemical, biotech, energy, infrastructure and a lot more.  If your needs range from nano to mega, you can get your product or project designed, equipped and built by organizations with engineers here in The Carolinas.

Our Engineering Resume includes a growing list of accomplishments that give us the expertise and experience to solve the problems of tomorrow.  This list includes:

  • A regional government, academic and private partnership that enable the resources to develop solutions for today’s and tomorrow’s problems
  • Nine major engineering institutions that have graduated thousands of scientists and engineers in a wide range of technical subject areas
  • A regional network of research campuses that develop new technology and support startups
  • Dozens of community colleges that graduate skilled technicians
  • More than 100,000 engineers within two states that represent one of the highest per capita in any region in the world
  • Hundreds of companies that have designed and built:
  • Roads, bridges, airports and mass transportation systems
  • Office buildings, research labs, commercial and other specialized buildings
  • Environmental management systems
  • High tech facilities for electronics, biotech, chemical, automotive, aerospace and advanced manufacturing
  • Advanced logistical and distribution systems
  • Oil and gas processing facilities
  • Energy generation and distribution systems
  • Communications, information processing and automation systems
  • Specialized solutions for the government and military
  • Support / maintenance systems for existing facilities
  • The ability to quickly respond to a customer’s needs anywhere in the world

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